Vyacheslav Ivankov "Yaponchik"

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Vyacheslav Ivankov "Yaponchik", before its arrest of FBI on June, 8th, 1995 was mysterious and even the mythical person. Hearings around of it have created to it image of the person named by " the father of extortion " and " the most influential thief in Soviet Union ". Yaponchik was a figure outstanding and on influence in criminal communities, and on the strong-willed and psychophysical data. Even in an environment of agents of FBI Japonchik has remained it is true to itself. It was the leading criminal leader of the Far East of Russia, and one of the largest New York newspapers named it " the Red godfather ", sent in New York thieves to organize and supervise criminal activity there. The American authorities, especially FBI, definitely considered Ivan'kova as the main organizer. Who this Ivan'kov, known as "Yaponchik"? What did it do in the USA? Whether there was it really the chapter of a mafia? Business Ivan'kova can be the basic significant demonstration of that as well as why the mafia is created.

the Origin

Yaponchik presumably was born in the Soviet republic Georgia and has grown in Moscow. Was the champion on struggle in the youthes, first time of villages in prison for fight in a bar, in which (according to its Moscow lawyer) it protected honour of the woman. After clearing it has begun an ascention on a criminal ladder as many other things - was engaged kradenym in the goods in the black market.

According to the information of Russian law enforcement bodies, Yaponchik has created a criminal grouping ("solncevskie") approximately in 1980 Among other activity, they were engaged in false police documents for studying houses of the provided owners, penetration and theft of money and other values. In 1982 Yaponchika have arrested and have condemned for a robbery, carrying of the weapon and delivery of drugs. It has been sentenced to 14 years of imprisonment during which (has stayed 10 years) the thief in the law " has been crowned as ".

As spoke itself Yaponchik, its prison activity at that time resisted to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, united with FBI against it. In 1995 Yaponchik has told to the Moscow journalist, that the Ministry could not forgive to it the activity directed on reforming of the Soviet prison system, during the conclusion in Siberia.

Activity Yaponchika in the USA

Yaponchik there has arrived to the USA in March, 1992 from the constant business-visa defining, that it worked in the film-industry. How the person with a previous conviction could, with the 10-years prison experience and reputation of one of the most influential criminals in Russia to receive the entry visa in the USA? The immigration department has declared, that the Moscow department has been overflown and had no neither time, nor means to check the criminal past of all competitors of the visa.

The present reason of finding Yaponchika in Staffs is discussed. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed FBI in January, 1993, that Yaponchik has arrived to the USA for management and monitoring ROP. But the American police denies, that they received such data. Alexander Grant, the editor of a department of news of the newspaper " the New Russian word ", has informed, that Yaponchik has left from Russia because of danger of stay there since there were the young Mafiosis who are not respecting such, as Yaponchik.

On one of versions, division Solntsevskoj of a gang in New York totals about 100 members and is organized by the same of ways, as Russian grouping in Brooklyn. In June, 1995 Yaponchik has been arrested by FBI on charge in extortion of several millions dollars at two Russian businessmen. It also three accomplices have been condemned in July, 1996.


Was Yaponchik the chapter of the Mafia

In James Finkenauera's opinion and Elina Uoringa, Ivan'kov, certainly, serious criminal. The data received from the Russian authorities, prison experience and even speak its tattooes that it the thief. It, possibly, the most severe Russian criminal in the USA, but it is doubtful, that it was or is the mafia boss. There are no proofs, that it tried to monopolize the control over any direction of criminal business or it it regularly practised infringement of the law and was engaged in corruption. Being based on one crime, it is difficult enough to generalize economic, physical, psychological and a social factor of fatal consequences of its offences. The description of the crime, however, assumes, that it was stupid enough work. At last, hearings went, that Yaponchik has only group of 10 person.

Meanwhile, Yaponchik it is sentenced to 9 years and 7 months of imprisonment in federal prison of the USA. In last interview from prison Japonchik has accused FBI of creation of a myth about Russian mafia. " They it is simple donkihotstvuyut ", - it has told. According to Yaponchika, there should not be a myth about OP in Russia as everyone knows, that " Russia is one never-ending criminal bog. Criminals in the Kremlin and in the Duma, and any who considers me as the chapter of all of these of " gangsters ", simply raves ".